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Hi,my name is Chris.I was interested in drawing since the age off 12.My mother used to say: You have lots off detail in your work.So I guest my first fan was my mom.My favourate medium is waterpainting.I enjoy drawing and painting everything in nature.If it is sky,landscapes,wild animals,an ant,yes as long as it is nature.Now and then it will be something else.Like a still life.I also challenge myself to do art I think is difficult to recreate.I have find patience is the keyword.I have seen an artist online who took 6 months to finish het drawing.Most recently I used pastel.It is such a loose and forgiving and rewarding medium.Only the best art materials is used on my drawings or paintings. On this webpage my fine art will be displayed.If there is something new on the market,then I will review it.Will show you as well where to buy the product.Teaching will be done on the teaching page.At the news section is area where I will put new products and review them.Explore and enjoy.One can also go below this web page and click on pictures.This will send you to the different sections off this webpage.

Departments and Chris


Below is also pages to go to in this web page.It will send you to different sections off this webpage.It make it slitely user friendly,because before you go to a section you will know what it is all about..So click on pictures below to enjoy this web page.


So yes this is me.The creator off this webpage and all the art work sprinkled on the whole website.As mentioned.I am here to help as well.If you need to contact me or have any questions.Do not hesitate to email me.My email is below .




Make Yourself at Home

Free to Visit and see The GALLERY

This is where you wanna go if you want to see my gallery.One can also do prints as well.You can do a print off my work on coffee mugs,cellphone covers,bath towels,masks and many more.

The BLOG where there will beĀ  anything art relatedĀ 

This is where my blog will be.It will include tips to improve your art.Hey in this blog you might find a bit off nearly everything art related that is happening with me.

It also informs you about new art that I am creating.


Free to LEARN about art

This is where you will learn about art.You will find my tips here as well.Here will also be some shortish videos as well.Will also do review on my favourate products and some book reviews as well.

Yes the NEWS.Something new something older

This section off webpage is where you will find news.So what is news,Something new on the art market.Even if it is not a product.New methods to do art.So any art related topic that is new.