What is fine art?   Everybody has their own opinion.Fine art should be FINE art.Whatever you are creating.Should speak to the eye off the beholder.I will be honest with you:I personally do not like every art.A good example is an art piece in an arty museum in Amsterdam.It is only a white canvass.Well there is nothing on it.Tells me nothing as well.So no it is an empty canvass.So no it is not art.It tells me nothing.I might get hammered by people telling me yes it is art.Well there is nothing,but nothing on it.So how in the world can one call it art.

I will tell you what I do like.Drawings and paintings where the artist actually shows his skill off.And what I mean by that is:Gee he or she is good,how will I ever be able to be so creative and have such good drawing or painting skills.You know.Artist:I am good and you will take a while to paint or draw as good as me.The painting must showoff the skills of the artist.And guest what.You can do it.Art,like anything else in live is practice.The more you do it the better you become.

Some artist art is so good,because they use the right stuff.If you use good products your art will be better.Good example is if you use the wrong paper for your medium.Try and use the best paper you can afford.

One of my blunders was to try and do pastel work on gritty acrylic paper.Did not work.A solution  is to give it a wash off acrylic gesso. Everything that you will  creating is not going to be perfect.I am sure this also happens to very accurate artist.Hey,we all make mistakes.That is why we are called humans.If you make a mistake,Start again.I am sure you heard the story:what do you do if you fall off a horse.Answer is get on it again and ride it.

Some parts off your painting or drawing will be difficult to draw or paint.The answer for this is take it step for step.It the same as:How do you eat an elephant.Answer:Bit by bit.So clearly a difficult piece will take longer.Be patient.Take your time.Do not be hard on yourself.

On my Learn section I will show you products as well in the news section.My plan is also to have a download section where one can download some free stuff.

So enjoy your art.Keep on creating.Every art piece is unique.If you have any comments do not hesittate to contact me.