This is just an introduction about the learning page..On this page we will learn all about fine art.

If you are willing to learn about fine art.You came to the right place.On this page there will be sections you can go to learn about colour pencil,watercolour,pastel and pencil art.Only the best tools available will be used.It seems covid-19 made most off us a little bit poorer.There will be a section as well that will educate you on how to either make or get art products at a cheaper price.It does depend in which side of the world you are.To give you ruff idea.My country is South Africa.If I want to order something from Amazon.com,for just shipping alone(depending on size) it will cost me $50.In South Africa there is certain products,you just can not find.One off them is General Chark Pencils.Their white for instance is very smooth and good quality.So how does it work.

There is two ways to get to the learning stuf.Click on learning .There is a dropdown menu for each meduim.If it is Pastel,colour pencill,watercolour painting or drawing.There might come new sections as we go along.And by all means,I am not perfect,but I will do my best.Believe you me there will be mistakes,but you know we can learn together as well.


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