There is a new blender for colur pencills on the market.It is called FULL BLENDER.The product is from CARAN D’ACHE.

One gets two sticks.

It is universal colourless oil and wax baesd medium.That is a good thing,because sometimes it is either one off the two.It has a gloss effect and colour protection.It seems for pencils and wax pastels.This is also a good thing.

Ideal for blending and glaze techniques.

So it has a glos effecr.You can do mixing and blending with it.

Will protect against water and UV.

Did I mention that it is versatile to use.

The bonus is,made in Switzerland.They tend to produce good products.

So Prisma color pencils,usually has not a good reputation for their lightfastness.So one can use this blender to make it more colourfast than what it is.

The one problem I have is:when you do the blending the colours tend to fade.

This is the only downside off this product.

So make a mentall note to yourself the colour will change to a lighter colour.

These blenders are like a pencil.If you press it too hard it might brake.

It is also adviseable to check iff the head is clean.After a section off blending,I ussually check this.The last thing you want is your hard work being damaged by another colour that you do not want on your drawing.

To clean it it I use Artist Turpentine to clean the head.I dip it in the Turpentine and rub it clear with tissue paper.And walla clean.